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Where it all began!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

You might be wondering how The Quaint and Quirky all began, how I came to be illustrating cute Bedlington Terrier dogs! Well let me tell you a story!!

I was never good at art....I'll say that again....I was never ever good at art and couldn't draw A THING. I mean....really!!!!!

I have been a lifelong, incredibly passionate animal lover, who dreamed of becoming a vet, but I was always told I didn't have the aptitude for it. Let's not talk about being an undiagnosed Autistic /ADHD female growing up in the 1980's education system...that story is for another day!

I trained as an Accountant by accident, yes, I wasn't good at Maths either, but I persevered. That perseverance eventually took its toll and I burnt out, left the industry and set up my pet sitting business in 2014.

All was going well until COVID came along and brought my business to a standstill I thought I would take some online art lessons and learn to draw.

I took some pencil lessons from an extremely talented realistic artist called Lucy and she ignited something in me which I didn't know existed. She was a patient tutor, who taught art in a way I could understand.

It wasn't long before I realised realism didn't "float by boat" so to speak...I had started to doodle funny little drawings, but lacked knowledge. I was innately drawn to watercolour, to illustration and to quirky, funny animals. I had ideas popping up in my head, which I started to get down on paper.

I then took myself off.....googled to my hearts content and taught myself to paint in watercolour.

My style was immediate...this curly, scruffy style of illustration...every time I tried another style, it just didn't flow and I kept coming back to my own unique style.

It was in June 2021 when I drew "Summer in the bath". If you know of my work, then you'll know the illustration I'm talking about! It continues to be my best selling illustration to date, within the Bedlington Terrier community and beyond.

People seem to love it to hang in their bathroom!!!

The rest they say is history and I have been illustrating ever since. I am so very keen to draw cats also, but my Bedlington Terrier dog, Summer always seems to take centre stage...I mean...I'm not complaining as she's just fab and as she was my Mum and Dad's dog, she holds a very special place in my heart.

In fact, my Mum and Dad didn't know I could draw either....why would they when I didn't even know myself!

I love making you all smile with my drawings and my whimsical art from the heart is something which makes my heart sing with joy!

I'll be writing more in my blog, so you can discover more about me, my work and my life as an Illustrator!

Until next time

Be sure to find your joy in the little things


Your unconventional Artist

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