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The Quaint and Quirky featured in Valentine's Gifts, from Derbyshire Small Businesses

I can't help but be totally thrilled, that Molly from has featured one of my products in her Valentine's Edit for 2024! I did a little happy dance when she was interested in my new print...You Make My Heart Soar. Have you seen it, it's in my Valentine's shop here

Go and take a look at the other lovely local Indie Businesses curated by Molly Scott, in her

The inspiration for this illustration comes from the hot air balloons I see at dawn and dusk, which is as sure a sign that spring has arrived, as the dawn chorus! We can sometimes see 4 or 5 hot air balloons in the air at any given time, presumably from the Glutton Bridge area, which is just wonderful. I love to shout hello, and hope they can see a tiny figure on the hillside, frantically waving!

This is a new print for my 2024 Valentine's range and includes some other new cards and gifts too.

I love how Valentine's Day can be for EVERYONE. Humans, pets, friends and family - celebrating love in all its guises! I think that once we remove some of the pressure that Valentine's Day can yield, it comes a celebration of love, not just of coupledom!

I mean, apart from Mr QQ, it's no secret that I love my cats and dogs more than people....I know for one that they make MY heart soar!

If I were to add a poll in my Bedlington Terrier group, with some 9,000 Bedlington Terrier owners, I guarantee that there will be a 100% agreement that they love their curly lamb like dogs the most! I mean, it's difficult not to isn't it. I am always enthralled by the intense love we have for our pets, when our communication doesn't use language. It is proof that we don't need words to convey how we feel.

On that note, did you know that I donate to Mila's Fund for every Bedlington item sold? I do the same with various cat charities too, but as yet my sales of cat related art isn't as high as my Bedlington Terrier sales! I'm just about to package up some cat related items to send to a charity for fundraising, so I hope they like them!

Take a peek at my Valentine's section, because it also includes my new Valentine's themed dog tag, with four heart backgrounds to choose from. I now have quite a few breeds to choose from, but if I don't have your breed (or colour of breed), just ask and I'll draw it for you (time permitting).

For those of you who have ordered commissions from me, your paintings can also be made into dog tags as well as cards and other gifts, which is just fabulous as I print them all myself in my studio.

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