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Growing your own!

Growing veg 1500ft above sea level

We live 1500ft above sea level high in the hills of the Peak District. Whilst this gives us some MAGNIFICENT views of the surrounding area - looking towards Longnor and Chrome Hill, it also means it gets VERY windy and VERY cold.

We're generally around 4 degrees cooler than the nearest towns of Buxton or Leek, and we can be snowed in, whilst there is nothing in the same towns.

So, when we moved here, everything I tried to grow blew away - our home sits on upper moorland with no shelter. We had a wonderful polytunnel installed by Highland Polytunnels - I highly recommend them. The actually erect polytunnels for the Hebredes, so we knew we had chosen the right one!

Pets and Polytunnels!!

Well, as you can imagine, all of my cats, and both of my dogs LOVE the polytunnel. My late Maine Coon, Herman, loved to sit on the roof - we used to say he was making "rain holes" for us. Now I lovingly look up at those holes, remembering his antics!

Summer and Grace, my Bedlington Terriers, love to come in (for completely different reasons). Grace likes to sunbathe - she's a heat seeker, and Summer likes to join me when it's a bit cooler than Greece! She "helps" me to work, by digging. She would dig to Australia if I let her!

Gifts for Gardeners

So - Summer and her digging in the polytunnel has inspired my new range of giftware, which starts with these fabulous tins for storing seeds, and I'll soon be adding mugs and plant labels in the same design. I illustrated Summer with root vegetables, with flowers and a basket of harvested veggies.

Go and take a look if you're looking for a gift, not just for a Bedlington Terrier lover, but a green fingered gardening lover too.

They're perfect alternative Valentines Day gifts - and as the text can be personalised, will be just wonderful for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Clearly I've made one for myself (the left hand photo), and I'm ready to start growing seeds this year. Hurry up Spring - we're waiting!!

Until next time

Be sure to find your joy in the little things


Your unconvential Artist

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