It would be a pleasure to create an illustration of your beloved dog, cat or other pet, in my own unique, quirky style.

These illustrations are designed to have character….to tell a story, giving you a unique portrait of your pet.

Bedlington Terrier dogs are my speciality, as some of you already know!


How does it work?

These illustrations are unique, because they’re produced from my imagination.  Therefore the concept development takes just as much time as the completion of the drawing.  I will ask for photos of your pet, which especially shows their character and personality, and ask for more information about them, especially if it relates to how the idea is forming in my mind.

If you already have ideas of what you’re looking for in the illustration, then please let me know.


I then make notes, based upon what you’ve told me, the photos or videos you have sent to me, and let my imagination do the work.  This can take some time - once an idea forms in my mind, which can be immediate -  then I sketch it out.  Equally, the idea can take a little time to form in my imagination, and I need to allow my imagination the time and space to conjure up the quirky images I draw.


I’ll update you with photos of my sketches, and you can give me your thoughts, which then allows the idea to develop further.  You can have as much or as little input as you wish.  The concept stage will likely involve several sketches for the more detailed illustrations.


Once we have agreed on the final composition of the illustration, then it is time for me to draw it at your chosen size.

The drawing will be completed on a 100% cotton, acid free, archival quality watercolour paper.  I currently use Arches and Canson Moulin Du Roy.

I use Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour, which is lightfast and of archival quality, and may also use Faber Castell Albrecht Durher Watercolour pencils.

I use Faber Castell Indian Ink Pitt Pens, which are of archival quality.


How much are your commissions?

As I am not reproducing a photograph, it is not easy to price these based upon just time, or just size.  As a guideline, pricing is as follows:



For a drawing which I have already created, and you wish me to redraw it, with some very small changes eg change of colour of animal, a slight change of element -   A4 or A5 sized: £35-£70




This can include more than one pet, sitting or standing, without any characterisation - A4 or A5 sized:








This can include more than one pet, completing a simple activity, without any background scenery - A4 sized:








This can include more than one pet, people, completing an activity, with some basic scenery - A4 or A3 sized






This can include more than one pet,  people, and  full scenery A3 or 26x51cm (14x20 inches):








How do I make payment?

Please email me or send me a message on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp, giving me an idea of what you’re looking for.  I will then be able to give you a price after discussing the concept with you.


I will then send you an invoice, and after payment is made, you can start to send videos, photos and information about your pets.  


How long does it take?

The process is not linear, as I’m not drawing from a photograph.  It relies on my imagination to create these pieces.  Therefore concept to completion is circa 4-6 weeks.


What if I decide I would like more detail to my drawing once you’ve started?

That’s ok - if you wish for me to include more detail, you can upgrade your drawing, and I will send an invoice for the difference before continuing.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes, I ship overseas. 


For European orders, I will create you a private listing for you in my Etsy shop.

For all other overseas orders, I will create an invoice via Paypal


Where can I see examples of your work?

Examples of my work are on my website, and I regularly post reels, stories and photos on Instagram.  You can find me in Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter also:


How are your commissions posted?

For smaller pieces, all items are posted in either a large letter hardboard box or hardback envelope.


For larger, A3 pieces, or 26x51cm, then these are posted in large diameter, heavy duty postal tubes.

Do your prices include postage?

They include postage to the UK only, and postage overseas is charged at Royal Mail cost price, and is dependent on the size of your illustration.

Can I purchase additional prints, greeting cards and other gift items from your range, which feature my illustration?

Yes, your illustration will be permanently available to buy on all of my items.  Please note that I may have to crop full scene designs for some items.


If you allow me to use your design, to be included as part of my standard range, for sale to the general public, then you will receive a discount code which you can use indefinitely if you purchase your own illustration on any of my gift items.

Do you complete commissions all year round?

I will not be producing any commissions during November and December, as my online shop will be busy with day to day orders.  If you require a commission as a Christmas gift, then I will be closing commissions on 1st October.  I only have limited spaces available, so please book in good time.

examples of bedlington terrier dog illustrations, which can be redrawn as a personalised illustration
Example images of a simple illustration.  Two bedlington Terrier dogs, a Maine Coon cat and a Ragdoll cat
Example images of a character illustration.  Two Bedlington Terrier dogs sitting in bed, two bedlington terrier dogs at an office desk, and a tabby cat playing and pouncing on a ball
Example of a complex character illustration.  A drawing of two Bedlington Terrier dogs in a dressing room, holding clothes, ready to get dressed
An example of a full complex character illustration.  A person riding a bicycle with a dog standing on their shoulders, with 2 ladbyirds waving, 2 cows waving, and a scene of poppy and lavendar fields
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