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Welcome to The Quaint and Quirky Blog - Home of Whimsical Art from the Heart.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I'm Claire - the face behind The Quaint and Quirky. I'm the Artist, and share my studio space with my #bedlingtonterrier dogs, Summer and Grace, and my #mainecoon cats, Haggis and Horatio!

We all live high in the hills of the Peak District, where all of the ideas come to life, in my quirky imagination. It all started back in 2020, when I learned to draw. In January 2021, I launched The Quaint and Quirky, later that year discovering that the most exciting illustrations were conjured up in my imagination. The rest they say is history, and I love making you all smile with the unique and quirky images I create, based upon my pets.

A busy May!

We've been busy over the past few months, and will have lots of new and exciting plans to share over the coming months. The website has had a bit of a revamp - incorporating all of the lovely orange and yellow colours of the logo onto the website, to make it the joyful and happy place it is meant to be. Tell us what you think in the comments!

Overseas shipping

That was a bit of a palaver, and we're very pleased to have now switched back on overseas shipping, so you can buy all of your lovely cards and gifts wherever you are in the world. You'll still need to visit our Etsy Store for shipping to Europe though! It's the easiest way with kerfuffle since Brexit, and Etsy are well equipped to manage the electronic VAT arrangements with each separate European country.

New products!

We're very excited to now have some new products available. Please feel free to explore the website, to see what's on offer, and hopefully you'll be as excited as we are!

Oh go on then, here are some highlights!

Some fantastic coin purses, which have a lovely linen style feel, printed with the cutest illustations, which are perfect for cat lovers and dog lovers!

Father's Day!

With Father's Day fast approaching - is it only 4 weeks away on Sunday!!!?? Well, don't worry, we have plenty of cards and gifts for Dad too, whether that be from a human or furry child!!! Personalised mugs and cards....a cuppa would be just perfect on Father's Day wouldn't it!

Thankfully there is still time to browse and choose that perfect gift!

Until next sure to find the joy in the little things!


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