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The Quaint and Quirky featured in Your Dog Magazine

As the September 2022 issue of Your Dog Magazine is released, it's exciting to have our products featured in their "Dog Shopping" guide on Page 48 of this canine packed magazine!

Bedlington Terriers aren't the most well known breed, and are often mistaken for Poodles!!! I mean, Poodles are just adorable.....but a Bedlington Terrier is not a Poodle!!!! Also compared to a lamb, which is a whole other story!

Our best selling design since we launched The Quaint and Quirky, is "Summer in the Bath", based on the Artist's 11 year old Bedlington Terrier Summer. She's an 80's dog at heart, and would still drink beer from a pub tray if this was actually allowed...I think her ancestors have passed down this previous knowledge from the "old days" of pub visits with a dog!

Summer languishes in the bath, feet hanging out (the bath water must be a little hot!!!), with a well earned glass of red wine. Don't tell Summer it's really coloured water, as she really does like to brag about drinking wine in the bath!

This design has sold well as Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Cushions, Mugs and more!! Not just for Bedlington Terrier owners, but lovers of wine, relaxing in the bath, and scruffy, curly dogs too!! It's an all round winner!

Feedback from Customers tell us it is very popular as a print for an En-Suite or Bathroom - how very apt that is!

We also care about dogs and the environment, so it is well worth mentioning that the cards and art prints are all printed onto recycled card. A white standard cardstock for greeting cards, and a luxury felt white cardstock for art prints. All nicely presented in compostable plastic-free cello bags.

We are keen to support other Bedlington Terrier dogs in need, as Summer so easily could have needed that support, when she came to live with us aged 7, after her original parents both died suddenly at the same time. Luckily, we were able to bring Summer home with us, and she's been here for over 4 years now, and is very proud to have had two Mums and two Dads. She'll never forget them and we talk about them often!

So, for every sale of each and every Bedlington Card, Print, Calendar, and a selection of other items, a donation is made to Mila's Fund. They support Bedlington Terrier dogs, wherever those funds are needed.